FAST Forensics Services

A Focused Analysts & Services Team armed with cutting edge cellular system engineering and Forensics expertise to assist the law enforcement with end-to-end wireless forensics services.

“A proven solution, deployed by the US federal government and local law enforcement, with a success record of helping resolve over 4000 violent crimes to date. “ 


Our Mission

Partner with domestic and international law enforcement agencies to establish a global standard for a wireless forensics enterprise crime management system that entrusts them with timely and cutting edge intelligence.

Our Key Differentiators

Next Generation Policing: A scalable cloud-based wireless forensics crime investigation platform linking, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence across law enforcement for fast response, reliability demanded by courts, and wide access unburdened by excessive cost and hyper technical complexities.


Gladiator’s Patent
Crime Investigation Methodology

Analyzing RF and cellular coverage surveys to enhance criminal investigations and overcome limitations of CDR based evidence